Learnings from our past and present

Reimagining Technology and Funding Innovation to Combat Climate Change


This convening was a response to recent report ‘CODE RED for Human Driven Climate Warming’ and a call to action in this DECADE of ACTION to advance the SDGs.


Startups Accelerating Sustainability

Watch Paula Mariwala on a panel with one of the most prolific startup investors and founders in the sustainability space, as they discuss the following themes:

1. Collaboration amongst entrepreneurs, policy, and investors in the climate change space
2. Business models that are ripe for innovation
3. Behavior change and adoption

Organizational Development with Getting Entrepreneurial

All about Organizational Development with Getting Entrepreneurial

Watch Paula REALLY break her journey down into several case studies! Learn about fundraising, organizational development, and many more.


Learnings from Silicon Valley and India with Women who Build

Watch Paula discuss her journey from Silicon Valley to India, the things she looks for in early-stage startups, why and how startups become verbs, opportunities for climate change innovations, and her missed investment in Flipkart.


Sustainable Water in India: Challenges on the Ground for Center of South Asia at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

India receives abundant water through a fairly predictable and periodic monsoon every year. However, the ground realities are quite different. Dr. Ravi Mariwala shares his frontline observations across India and some efforts his company has made towards addressing them.


Water Crisis and Reimagining Sustainable Water with Green Compass

Climate change is real, not a point of debate. Join Dr. Ravi Mariwala, CEO of Smaart Water and sustainable water expert (Ted Talk & Stanford Alumni speaker) as he dissects the water crisis in India and how he has re-imagined sustainable water to create a platform that is capable of withstanding climate change in the coming years and provide access to water.


The Role of Innovation and Human Rights in the UN SDGs with Stanford University’s Center for Human Rights and International Justice

The Center for Human Rights and International Justice hosted Dr. Ravi Mariwala and Ms. Paula Mariwala to discuss the role of innovation and human rights for the future of water in India. The discussion centered on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, which aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, and how it can be achieved in South Asia.


Learnings on the Startup Ecosystem for Tech & Tequila

Watch Paula Marwiala share her journey of starting out in the early-stage ecosystem in India and her insight on what is to come next.


Opportunity in Sustainability with IamRenew

In a conversation with IamRenew, Paula speaks about the possibilities for startups in the sustainability space, the opportunity for VCs, the need to live with a heavy government overhang, global opportunities, and more.


Scaling Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship at the Stanford GSB

​​Stanford A&E and The Center for Social Innovation at the GSB co-convened a lively dialog on ‘Scaling Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship’, on International Women’s Day.
Stanford A&E leadership team members Miriam Rivera and Radhika Shah co-moderated a dialog with SA&E Advisor GSB Prof. Ken Singleton, Zum’s CEO Ritu Narayan (SA&E members funded startup), SA&E India Co-President Paula Mariwala, and Scientific Precision’s Managing Director, Dr. Ravi Mariwala on the panel.


India 2.0 for LetsVenture

The next big opportunity lies with the 300 million Indians. India 2.0 has the paying propensity but startups need to target this segment. Let’s hear from Paula Mariwala and Sharad Sharma the unwritten rules to help angels & startups succeed.


How Paula Mariwala Shaped India’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Watch Paula share some incredible tips for women entrepreneurs!