We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs who have built game-changing companies.

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Awaaz.de delivers critical education to rural India and Africa via IVR.

BrainSightAI combines AI and neuroscience to enable greater precision in neurological and psychiatric investigation for accelerated patient outcomes.

BlueSky Analytics is accelerating climate change decision-making through data.

Breathe targets diabetes reversal through lifestyle education, management, and tracking.

Caspar.AI builds smart homes through IoT and AI.

Chalo is a bus transport technology company serving Bharat.


Clinikk makes quality healthcare affordable for middle India.

Faclon provides operational management and efficiency services to enterprises through IoT and AI.

GyanDhan provides foreign education services to Indian students.

GoMassive is a climate incubator.

Inspirit makes supplemental Science interactive through AR and VR.

King Children brings you the most customized and sustainable eye wear.

Online platform that provides access to study material for exams.

Kakhana is a B2B platform for manufacturing parts.

Multibhashi facilitates language learning through audio, video, and live classes.

Moneytor digitizes and streamlines debt collection.

Pixxel predicts the world's hardest problems through improved geospatial insights and imagery from space.


SALT enables personalized finance for women.


Schmooze facilitates predictive match-making via memes to improve the quality and outcomes of the process.

Stylenook is a predictive styling service for women.

Swadha establishes operational efficiency of buildings via IoT and data.

Terra.do is accelerating climate change education through its online modules focused on specific focus groups such as investors, policy makers.

Unacademy partners with the brightest minds to teach every possible topic in the world so everybody can learn.

Vitrina.AI is streamlining the content contracting process.


Whiz League provides education for non-academic careers through unique, celebrity-led courses.

YourDost is an online counselling and emotional wellness coach.

Memechat is a meme creation and monetization platform.

WisdomCircle helps the generation of skilled retirees find meaningful work to do post retirement.

Climes is a digital infrastructure for a circular carbon economy.

Strive Math is experiential learning in Math for school kids.

mCaffeine is India's first caffeine-based personal care products brand.

DrinkPrime is creating a secondary market of water technology for consumers.

Astra is building a digital infrastructure for school teams to manage administration and student outcomes.

Navana Tech is building voice-based solutions for Indian enterprises so they can reach more Bharat customers.

Impossible Metals is building underwater robotics vehicles which collect battery metals from the seabed without harming the environment.

Bold Care is a pioneer in men's healthcare in India - building personalized solutions for sexual wellness, hair care, and daily nutrition needs.

Praan is rebuilding our atmosphere by cleaning the air and capturing carbon dioxide.

Incoggo is the world's first universal blocker. Block ads, trackers, paywalls, malware, and more for free!

Virtualness enables creators and brands navigate the world of web3.

Rejoule is an innovative battery diagnostics.

Mannjal is a priority sector lending stack reimagined.

Digital Paani is a digital management tool that redesigns wastewater operations.

Qoohoo enables creators to build and monetize their community.